Dissonance – Early access for subscribers!

Hello folks,

We are very proud to let you all know that we’ve finished the preview version of our very first short film “Dissonance”. This was our final project for our film course and this turned out to be quite good.


It’s not completely done yet. We want to spend some more time in fine tuning (image quality enhancement, more work in color correction, full hd and some tweaks in audio editing). That’s why we are not making it available for the public yet.

Anyway we want to promote our new YouTube channel and so we are handing out invitations for the first 50 subscribers. Everybody with an invitation will be able to see the early version of this short movie, before anybody else.

So don’t waste your time and head over to: http://www.youtube.com/user/LazyGenerationStudio and subscribe or just say hello. We really appreciate it!

The full release of the movie will be hopefully be ready at the end of October. Our stressful film course might be over for now, but there are still many projects and jobs that have a higher priority (because there is money involved and we have to make a living somehow, right?).

Have a great time!

Interview with a sozipath

(This video is in german. In the next days this video will have captions. It’s the perfect opportunity to test YouTube’s subtitle features.)

This is an improvised sketch featuring Bauzi and Dr. Streichmann in their full glory. We never thought that this would turn out to be such an interesting conversation. The whole set up is during one of our first practical camera classes (this footage is older than one year by now).

We had to train an interview situation. For practice we needed two students who would mime an actual interview situation. So we sat down and just started to talk. After some nice video and sound editing we have a nice full sketch. Some of the most funniest and craziest conversations seam to always come out of nowhere. I doubt that this would have turned out this good with script acting.

The trickiest part got to be the audio editing. In the end we had to cut out a talking tutor in the background and people who started to laugh. We can be pretty pleased with the outcome of the video.

Special thanks for everybody at this course who recorded the material. Too bad that I can’t remember who did what after a full year.

Oh btw.: What you see is a video in our brand new YouTube channel. It’s still under construction, but I hope you come around and visit us 🙂

Announcing project “Mr. Happy Face”

This have been some really stressful months for me and I’m sorry for this late blog post. At least you get one entry that includes everything you need to see about project “Mr. Happy Face”.

The video is done and before I bore you with details I better give you the links so you can watch it:

Here is some hot behind the scenes material in form of a slideshow:

Watch it on YouTube

Mr. Happy Face

Behind The Face


This is a non commercial fanmade video based on the song 16 Volt – Suffering you.

It’s my first original live action music video project for my digital film college. I had a very stressful time pulling this off. I made everything from planing, to shooting, to directing and post production. Special thanks go out to my mates Stefan, Alex, JoeJoe and Marcus for assistance during shooting. Without you this video wouldn’t be possible in this quality!!!

This is a short story about an everyday guy that is actually a murder. He is good in hiding his inner monster. That’s symbolized by the paper mask that he is wearing. If you want to find out more about his motivations, than you have just to listen to the lyrics. I just hope that the base storyline is clear for everyone.

I had this idea with this song for a long time and due to my film college this was the perfect time to execute it. If you enjoy this song than you can buy it on 16 Volt’s album “Full Black Habit” (the same record where you can find the song of this video’s credits: “You Run”) or on “The Best of Sixteen Volt™”. Check out their music!

I would also like to thank me great actors (Alice Csango, Bane Uy and Lisa Fertner) for being part of the project. Also a big thank you to Paul (The Amazing Flying Pig) for letting us film in his bar. A big hug goes to Kathi for getting me this awesome paper bags from the US. *big hug*

Time for some technical details!

This video was filmed with my own Canon EOS 7D (720p@50fps) and a Panasonic Leica HVX 200. I used the HVX for the camcorder scenes, because the camera has solid automatic mode and a wide depth of field. This give the shots a perfect camcorder feeling in HD resolution.

Lenses I’ve used:
Tamron 28-75mm f2.8
Tamron 17-55mm f2.8
Sigma 50mm f1.4 (I fell in love with this one during shooting. F1.4 is amazing)

The editing was done in Premiere Pro CS5, fx in After Effects CS5 with support of additional plugins like Trapcode Particular and Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks.

I hope you enjoy it and let me know your thoughts on it =)

Talking about project “Mr. Happy Face”

Right now I’m working on a project for my directing class. To be more precise: it’s an original live action music video. It’s based on the song Suffering You preformed by the band 16 Volt (Check them out on iTunes!).

Project “Mr. Happy Face” is pretty exciting for me, but it’s also really exhausting to do all the planning alone. Since it’s a school project, I have hardly anyone who could help me out on planning it. Well anyway it turns out good. The production is starting at the middle of March and there will be 5 productions days.

The video will be some sort of slash/horror video. With a psychopath, fake blood and stuff. It’s about an annoyed serial killer who acts like a normal guy, but he loves to pick out people and torture them before he finally kills them. This guy is good in hiding his inner demon. It’s symbolized by a paper mask with a big fat smilie that he always wears. Despite his mask everybody treats him like the average guy who you wouldn’t suspect of anything bad.

I would like to introduce you to my three main actors which are pretty talented and nice people.

Bane Uy

Bane Uy

Alice Csango

Alice Csango

Lisa Fertner

Lisa Fertner (how about visiting her awesome website?)

The project is due at the middle of April. On the beginning of April the raw cut of the video must be finished. I will film this with my own Canon EOS 7D HDSLR camera and my first rig and tools that I bought for this project and further use. I got a shoulder plate, a Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 3x (an external monitor is too expensive for me now), a Shoot35 CINE follow focus and the regular stuff like 15mm rods and a base plate. Especially the follow focus is an expensive item, but it’s totally worth it. My teacher Flokke always tells me: “A Follow Focus is like a one time purchase in your life. Don’t be cheap on it.”. I guess he’s right…


Welcome to [LGS]-Underground!

This post is an instruction to this post for all of you! Some sort of FAQ…

What actually is [LGS]?
[LGS] stands for [LGS] Lazy Generation Studios. It was founded by Bernd Schäffer and Marcus Kainberger in 2005. In it’s first years it served as some sort of production label for their AMV-projects. The number of members rose and with the beginning of Bernd’s and Marcus’ start as “Digital Film & Animation” studies, it also serves as label as media works in general.

What’s the goal of [LGS]?
It was founded with some principles: To share knowledge, software, hardware and media between good friends for the production of media. Right now the current goal is to make [LGS] an official production media firm. Wish us all best luck!

So what does Underground stand for?
For our blog. It will give you an insight of current projects, tips etc. We believe in the rights of a remix culture and of fair use. Unfortunately you are some sort of “in the underground” if you do such things. Always on a grey area of laws. It would be nice to see such artistic works completely legal and out of any legitimate concerns. Remix culture is a huge piece of digital art today. We take two or more existing things and edit them together to something completely new.