Welcome to [LGS]-Underground!

This post is an instruction to this post for all of you! Some sort of FAQ…

What actually is [LGS]?
[LGS] stands for [LGS] Lazy Generation Studios. It was founded by Bernd Schäffer and Marcus Kainberger in 2005. In it’s first years it served as some sort of production label for their AMV-projects. The number of members rose and with the beginning of Bernd’s and Marcus’ start as “Digital Film & Animation” studies, it also serves as label as media works in general.

What’s the goal of [LGS]?
It was founded with some principles: To share knowledge, software, hardware and media between good friends for the production of media. Right now the current goal is to make [LGS] an official production media firm. Wish us all best luck!

So what does Underground stand for?
For our blog. It will give you an insight of current projects, tips etc. We believe in the rights of a remix culture and of fair use. Unfortunately you are some sort of “in the underground” if you do such things. Always on a grey area of laws. It would be nice to see such artistic works completely legal and out of any legitimate concerns. Remix culture is a huge piece of digital art today. We take two or more existing things and edit them together to something completely new.


About bauzi514

I would call myself a "digital artist". Anyway I'm a Digital Film & Animation student at the SAE-Vienna. One Day I want to be a music video director. View all posts by bauzi514

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