Talking about project “Mr. Happy Face”

Right now I’m working on a project for my directing class. To be more precise: it’s an original live action music video. It’s based on the song Suffering You preformed by the band 16 Volt (Check them out on iTunes!).

Project “Mr. Happy Face” is pretty exciting for me, but it’s also really exhausting to do all the planning alone. Since it’s a school project, I have hardly anyone who could help me out on planning it. Well anyway it turns out good. The production is starting at the middle of March and there will be 5 productions days.

The video will be some sort of slash/horror video. With a psychopath, fake blood and stuff. It’s about an annoyed serial killer who acts like a normal guy, but he loves to pick out people and torture them before he finally kills them. This guy is good in hiding his inner demon. It’s symbolized by a paper mask with a big fat smilie that he always wears. Despite his mask everybody treats him like the average guy who you wouldn’t suspect of anything bad.

I would like to introduce you to my three main actors which are pretty talented and nice people.

Bane Uy

Bane Uy

Alice Csango

Alice Csango

Lisa Fertner

Lisa Fertner (how about visiting her awesome website?)

The project is due at the middle of April. On the beginning of April the raw cut of the video must be finished. I will film this with my own Canon EOS 7D HDSLR camera and my first rig and tools that I bought for this project and further use. I got a shoulder plate, a Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 3x (an external monitor is too expensive for me now), a Shoot35 CINE follow focus and the regular stuff like 15mm rods and a base plate. Especially the follow focus is an expensive item, but it’s totally worth it. My teacher Flokke always tells me: “A Follow Focus is like a one time purchase in your life. Don’t be cheap on it.”. I guess he’s right…


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