Interview with a sozipath

(This video is in german. In the next days this video will have captions. It’s the perfect opportunity to test YouTube’s subtitle features.)

This is an improvised sketch featuring Bauzi and Dr. Streichmann in their full glory. We never thought that this would turn out to be such an interesting conversation. The whole set up is during one of our first practical camera classes (this footage is older than one year by now).

We had to train an interview situation. For practice we needed two students who would mime an actual interview situation. So we sat down and just started to talk. After some nice video and sound editing we have a nice full sketch. Some of the most funniest and craziest conversations seam to always come out of nowhere. I doubt that this would have turned out this good with script acting.

The trickiest part got to be the audio editing. In the end we had to cut out a talking tutor in the background and people who started to laugh. We can be pretty pleased with the outcome of the video.

Special thanks for everybody at this course who recorded the material. Too bad that I can’t remember who did what after a full year.

Oh btw.: What you see is a video in our brand new YouTube channel. It’s still under construction, but I hope you come around and visit us 🙂


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