Dissonance – Early access for subscribers!

Hello folks,

We are very proud to let you all know that we’ve finished the preview version of our very first short film “Dissonance”. This was our final project for our film course and this turned out to be quite good.


It’s not completely done yet. We want to spend some more time in fine tuning (image quality enhancement, more work in color correction, full hd and some tweaks in audio editing). That’s why we are not making it available for the public yet.

Anyway we want to promote our new YouTube channel and so we are handing out invitations for the first 50 subscribers. Everybody with an invitation will be able to see the early version of this short movie, before anybody else.

So don’t waste your time and head over to: http://www.youtube.com/user/LazyGenerationStudio and subscribe or just say hello. We really appreciate it!

The full release of the movie will be hopefully be ready at the end of October. Our stressful film course might be over for now, but there are still many projects and jobs that have a higher priority (because there is money involved and we have to make a living somehow, right?).

Have a great time!


About bauzi514

I would call myself a "digital artist". Anyway I'm a Digital Film & Animation student at the SAE-Vienna. One Day I want to be a music video director. View all posts by bauzi514

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